Santa Clara Considers Flood Protection, Supply Projects for Stimulus Aid

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is working to bring jobs to Silicon Valley. District staff has identified projects that could potentially receive funding from President Obama's economic stimulus plan, according to a Feb. 13 press release from the California authority.

The $790 billion-plus stimulus package includes approximately $120 billion designated for a massive infrastructure rebuilding program, according to the Santa Clara Valley press release, which includes an estimated $19 billion specifically allotted for clean water, flood control, and environmental restoration projects.

"Water district staff has put together a list of 'shovel ready' projects that need funding and will benefit our community," said Chief Executive Officer Sharon Judkins. "Our staff has been in touch with our representatives in Congress and they are working to try to secure funding on our behalf."

The water district has identified critical projects that represent more than $100 million in requested funds and can begin construction within eight months. These projects will improve flood protection, transportation, and water supply facilities, while stimulating the local economy by creating an estimated 5,000 jobs for contractors. To complete these projects, jobs would be created for construction crews, engineers, electricians, tractor operators, truck drivers, cement finishers, and many others. The district would also need to purchase major supplies such as pipelines and steel.

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