N.Y. to Plan for Sustained Renewable Fuel Production

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) on Feb. 3 announced The Pace Energy and Climate Center has been selected to develop a renewable fuels roadmap and sustainable biomass feedstock study that will help guide state policy on renewable fuels.

Gov. David A Paterson's Renewable Energy Task Force 2008 report recommended a road map be developed. The project is cosponsored by the N.Y. departments of Environmental Conservation and Agriculture and Markets; which will oversee development of the roadmap with NYSERDA.

"The roadmap will put forth a plan that assesses the economic, environmental, and energy impacts of renewable fuel production while identifying pathways in which energy dollars can be retained within the state," said NYSERDA President and Chief Executive Officer Francis J. Murray Jr.

DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis said, "From energy efficiency and conservation to a hybrid vehicle lab to alternative fuels research, New York is implementing a broad portfolio of tactics to address global warming, improve our air and water quality, and promote green jobs."

Once the state has a firm understanding on the types of fuels that are sustainable, policymakers can determine how best to bring them to market.

New York's transportation sector is 95 percent dependent on petroleum fuels. In addition, nearly one-third of New York homes use petroleum fuels for heating. All of these petroleum-based fuels are imported into the state and cause significant amounts of "energy dollars" to be exported to support these fuel needs. The roadmap will address renewable fuels that are currently being used, near-term renewable fuels that are close to contributing to the reduction in fossil fuel use within a 3- to 10-year time horizon, and promising future renewable fuels that may make significant contributions to fossil fuel reductions in more than 10 years.

The roadmap is scheduled for completion in September.