Cambridge Water Technology Partners with Johnson Screens

Cambridge Water Technology, Inc., (CWT), a developer and producer of innovative, large-scale water treatment technologies, announced on Feb. 6 that it had provided Johnson Screens, Inc., a Weatherford International Ltd. Co., an exclusive license to market and sell CoMag™ and BioMag™ systems worldwide (except China) to the petrochemical, mining, and aggregate processing industries.

These technologies, first developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will complement Johnson Screens' industrial filters and water well screens by providing multiple benefits to companies seeking clean water for discharge, recycle-reuse, re-injection, or production purposes.

“As the regulatory demands on water discharge requirements continue to escalate, there is an increasing need for companies to search for cutting-edge technologies that will improve water stream quality,” said Jim Pipes, global business director of water processing for Johnson Screens. “We expect that CWT’s CoMag™ technology will provide a significant solution to the water issues of today and the future.”

“Johnson Screens and its parent, Weatherford, will be a powerful distribution partner for CWT; they will provide our much needed water and wastewater treatment technologies to the petrochemical and mining industries throughout the world,” added Charles Hamlin, CWT president and chief executive officer.

CWT's patented and patent-pending technologies, CoMag™ and BioMag™, provide the next generation of water clarification, filtration, and biological treatment for municipal and industrial applications.