All Best Buy Stores to Accept E-waste

Best Buy Co., Inc. will bring its electronics recycling program Feb. 15, 2009 to all of its 1,006 stores nationwide, according to a Jan. 27 press release.

Starting Feb. 15, consumers can bring up to two units per day, per household, for recycling at any U.S. Best Buy store. The company will accept most consumer electronics, including televisions and monitors up to 32 inches, computer CPUs and notebooks, small electronics, VCR and DVD players, and phones, as well as accessories such as keyboards, mice, and remotes.

A $10 recycling fee per unit will be charged for items with screens, such as televisions, laptop computers, and monitors. Consumers will instantly receive a $10 Best Buy gift card in exchange for the recycling fee. (This fee does not apply for units recycled in California stores, and does not apply for any of Best Buy's Exclusive-Branded products, such as Insignia, Dynex, and VPR Matrix.)

The following items cannot be accepted through this program:

• Televisions or monitor screens greater than 32"

• Console televisions

• Items containing Freon, including air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and mini-refrigerators (consumers are encouraged to contact their state/county sold waste department for recycling options)

• Microwaves

• Appliances (customers are invited instead to use the company's appliance haul-away and pick-up programs)