Johnstown Plant Installs BioWeb System

Entex Technologies Inc. supplied 32 BioWeb modules to Johnstown, Pa., for use in its existing pure oxygen wastewater treatment plant, according to a Jan. 28 press release. The wastewater treatment facility serves approximately 60,000 people.

Frank D’Ettorre of the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority said: “Our original estimate for accomplishing our goals was over two-and-a-half million dollars. With Entex’s cost-effective technology, we were able to save our ratepayers almost half the original estimate. And, with Entex’s system, the construction costs and implementation time was dramatically reduced.”

The facility needed to reduce its solids loading to the clarifier to comply with its solids effluent limit. The BioWeb system provides additional fixed biomass, allowing the suspended biomass in the system to be reduced, improving the system stability and performance.