AWWA Reuse DVD Wins CINE Award

The American Water Works Association has been selected to receive the prestigious CINE Award for the DVD "Water Reuse for a Sustainable Future."

This DVD is designed for water providers who want to inform communities, water boards, mayors, governors, etc. on the positive potential of reuse for creating a more sustainable water supply. The program explores the many applications and benefits of water reuse for both potable and non-potable usage. The video explains how reuse mimics the nature's hydrologic cycle, along with treatment cost savings, and the environmental benefits of water reuse. Current successful water reuse programs in California, Texas and Florida are highlighted.

This project was sponsored by the American Water Works Association the AWWA Technical and Educational Council and content provided by the Water Reuse Committee as part of an ongoing effort to educate and examine sustainability and responsible water stewardship.

The CINE is an International Award that recognizes distinguished excellence and the highest production standards for film and video. Since the award’s founding in 1957, recognizable winners include Steve Spielberg, George Lucas, Charles Guggenheim, and documentarians, Stanley Nelson and Ken Burns.

The 2008 Competition included hundreds of distinguished entries juried by more than 300 judges. Standards for overall excellence were evaluated by the criteria of writing, sound, editing, creativity, visual insights, and the extent the project communicates with the audience.