Leaders to Introduce Policy to Lower Oil Dependence

The Eilat-Eilot International Renewable Energy Conference in Israel confirmed on Jan. 8 that its lineup of world renewable energy leaders will be introducing broad policy aimed at reducing the world’s oil dependence through multi-faceted alternative energy solutions that include wind, solar, and biofuels.   

“The key to introducing far-reaching renewable energy policies starts with the ability to accurately articulate what the goals and objectives of such policies should be,” said Arnold Goldman, founder and chair of BrightSource Energy. “With so many of the world’s leading renewable energy experts gathering at the Eilat-Eilot Conference, the event represents a wonderful opportunity for these experts to present their vision for replacing fossil fuels with alternative energy solutions.”   

 In addition to Goldman, who will address the “Barriers to Solar as the Predominant Source of Energy,” other presentations include George Washington University’s Ken Zweibel, Ph.D., who will discuss his “Grand Solar Plan” and Gilbert Cohen, chief executive officer of ELIASOL, LCC, who will discuss the “The First Thermal Power Plant of the 21st Century.”

Despite local tensions from the conflict between Israel and Hamas, conference organizers said the event will go ahead as originally planned. Eilat is well out of the range of the rockets currently being fired into Israel, and no conference participants will be putting themselves into harm's way should they choose to attend.

“We have not received word form any of the conference lecturers that they are canceling their trip to Israel, and we are therefore continuing our preparation for the event as originally planned,” said Amnon Samid, a conference organizer. “We hope that the conflict will be over well before the conference begins and believe that this event represents a wonderful opportunity for people from around the world to demonstrate their support for Israel at this critical time.”

The conference will take place from February 17-19 at Eilat’s Herod’s Palace. For more information, visit www.eilatenergy.com.