California Agency Adopts New Name in 2009

The Resources Agency's new name, the California Natural Resources Agency, better reflects its primary mission, according to a recent press release. Since 1961, the Resources Agency has been responsible for the safeguarding and stewardship of California's precious natural resources.

From water and wildlife management and conservation to wildland fire protection, energy, ocean and coastal policy, land stewardship, climate change adaptation, sustainable living, and the promotion of outdoor recreation, the agency oversees most all of the state's functions designed to protect California's natural resources.

In July, Gov. Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 1464 (Maldonado) authorizing the agency to change its name.

California's Natural Resources Agency is responsible for the state's natural resource policies, programs, and activities. It has 17,000 employees and oversees 25 departments, commissions, boards, and conservancies.