Agency Awards Funds for Mason City Sewer System

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $477,000 to Mason City, Iowa, for improvements to the city's existing sanitary sewer collection system, according to a Dec. 23 press release.

Approximately 1,300 feet of pipe and one manhole will be replaced; 3,500 feet of pipe will be lined; 40 point repairs will be made; and four areas of storm sewers will be reconstructed. The improvements to the existing collection system will reduce infiltration and inflow. This will result in a reduction in peak flows to the city's wastewater treatment facility, creating more water capacity at the facility for future growth.

EPA oversees the protection of water quality and public health. The agency is working with community leaders and the public to meet the growing needs and demands of limited water resources. EPA remains committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions for managing and financing infrastructure with public and private partners.

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