Neohydro Manufactures Portable Wastewater Unit

Neohydro Technologies Corp. on Dec. 8 announced the completion of the first onsite wastewater recycling unit -- the "ROVER™ " model.

After 14 months of engineering, design, and testing, the company has completed and produced the first assembly-line ready production unit for the oil and gas industry. The "Rover™ " has been designed to be in on-site applications. It is portable, scalable, and self-contained. The unit is trailer mounted and can be moved from well site to holding tanks, and can be set up on evaporation pits.

The unit can treat production (wastewater) from all aspects of the oil and gas industry. It will reduce water consumption by up to 75 percent and also reduce the cost of water transportation.

The unit uses electro-oxidation (Brincell technology) to treat the wastewater, eliminating or reducing BOD, COD, bacteria and separating sludge and oil. The water is treated to EPA standards and can be reused in the oil and gas recovery process a minimum of four times.

The unit's capacity is between 100,000 to 200,000 gallons per day depending on water quality.