Book Offers Answers on Desalination Issue

"Pretreatment Technologies for Membrane Seawater Desalination," is now available from the Australian Water Association. 

Author Nikolay Voutchkov presents an overview of pretreatment challenges facing most reverse osmosis seawater desalination plants today and their impacts on the efficiency and costs of operations. Having identified the problems and their causes, Voutchkov then provides practical solutions derived from experience using examples drawn from across the globe.

Divided into 11 chapters, the reader will find guidelines for selection of pretreatment system configuration based on source seawater quality to design of the most commonly used pretreatment technologies such as screening, sand removal, sedimentation, dissolved air flotation, granular media filtration, and membrane filtration.

He also shares his insights on the present and future use of ultra and microfiltration membrane technologies and their advantages and limitations for seawater pretreatment.

The book is available from the AWA bookshop. For details, visit