EPA Cites Navy for Exceeding Limits at Guam Base

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently issued a Finding of Violation to the U.S. Navy Base Guam for permit violations under the federal Clean Water Act, according to a Dec. 1 press release.

In July, EPA discovered the violations during inspections covering several different federal environmental statutes and programs.

"Department of Defense facilities on Guam must be in compliance with all environmental requirements," said Alexis Strauss, EPA's Water Division director for the Pacific Southwest region. "EPA will work with Guam EPA and [Department of Defense] to ensure construction and ongoing operations comply fully with environmental requirements to protect and restore Guam's environment."

The Finding of Violation cited discharges from the Navy's Apra Harbor Wastewater Treatment Plant that exceeded water quality permit limits, and several unpermitted discharges to the Namo River during the repair of the Navy's Fena Water Treatment Plant.

The Navy also did not fully or properly implement controls for stormwater discharges from industrial activities located on the base, and three Navy construction sites on the base did not have proper stormwater pollution measures.

In addition to the July inspections at Naval Base Guam, EPA also conducted similar compliance inspections at the U.S. Air Force's Andersen Force Base. EPA compliance inspections at both DOD facilities in Guam included underground storage tanks, solid and hazardous waste management, wastewater and stormwater management, and compliance with oil spill prevention requirements.

The Finding of Violation and supporting documents can be viewed at http://www.epa.gov/region09/water/npdes/compliance.html