MRM Adds Texas Sites to Recycling Infrastructure

MRM, a leading provider of electronics waste recycling management services to manufacturers, on Nov. 20 announced a new agreement with Goodwill Industries of Central Texas that significantly expands its recycling infrastructure in Texas.

Under the program, end-of-life televisions from Panasonic, Sharp or Toshiba dropped off at any one of Goodwill's 35 locations across 15 counties in central Texas will be responsibly recycled at no charge to the consumer. "MRM is pleased to work with Goodwill in Central Texas to provide consumers with convenient recycling opportunities," said David Thompson, company president. Products collected through Goodwill of Central Texas will be recycled responsibly--in accordance with the [the company's] Recycling Ethic -- by Eco-International in Houston, Texas.

The agreement adds 35 locations in central Texas to the drop-off sites the company already operates in Fort Worth and Houston.

"We're very excited about this relationship because it allows us to accept more items from residents, making it more convenient for both Goodwill and the community," said Jerry Davis, president and chief executive officer of Goodwill Industries of Central Texas. "This relationship also helps our mission because in the past, non working TVs brought to Goodwill cost us money to recycle responsibly."

MRM's mission is to address electronics waste recycling needs most efficiently by bringing the electronic product manufacturing community together into a unified, nationwide voluntary effort. The goal is to provide consumers easy-to-use and practical recycling of their used electronics products.

The program with Goodwill will be initially underwritten by Panasonic Corporation of North America, Sharp Electronics Corporation, and Toshiba America Consumer Products, LLC, and will cover Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba branded TVs. The program is open to any electronics manufacturer seeking to provide their consumers with expanded recycling opportunities in Texas.

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