Never Clog Drain Wins 'Best of What's New' Award

PermaFLOW™ Self Cleaning Drain by PF WaterWorks has received the 'Best of What's New' Award from Popular Science, according to a Nov. 14 press release.

Named as a top product in the Home Technology Category, PermaFLOW is engineered to eliminate the need for secondary maintenance products and procedures such as plunging, dangerous drain cleaners, messy drain disassembly, and associated health, safety and environmental concerns.

The drain's unique shape increases turbulence to minimize routine buildup. For heavy use, the drain has a patented, easy-turn wiper that acts as an in-line drain cleaner and clears the clog, assisting water-conserving faucets to improve flow, reduce buildup, and save water. Since chemicals are not required, gray water can be used for recycling.

PermaFLOW™ is transparent for quick diagnosis of potential problems; anyone can locate and retrieve jewelry through the sink from the nine o'clock wiper position. Turning to the three o'clock wiper position provides an emergency bypass option for water flow through the upper chamber.

PF WaterWorks is a product development and manufacturing company targeting green drain management.

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