Con Edison's Site Has 'How-To' Tips

A 42-inch plasma television set, used only a few hours a day, consumes more electricity than a full-size refrigerator. Compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) use 75-percent less electricity than standard bulbs and lasting 10 times longer.

This information and many other energy-saving tips are on The Power of Green, the new Web site launched Nov. 17 by Con Edison.

"The Power of Green site is a great consumer resource, focusing on ways to both practice and promote intelligent energy use," said Marilyn Caselli, Con Edison's senior vice president of Customer Operations. "It shows people how to put green concepts they embrace into practice. You'll discover how to save money, energy, and the environment, without sacrificing comfort or convenience. And if you're willing to go further and change a few daily habits, it illustrates the benefits of those, too."

The site's energy-conservation tips page uses animation to provide a do-it-yourself energy audit, taking viewers through a house room by room, and showing energy-saving suggestions. Both residential and business customers can learn how best to manage energy consumption, getting more from their dollars while also reducing carbon emissions.

The site, which also provides news about the company's environmental efforts, can be accessed at A "green glossary" of environmental and energy terms also accompanies the helpful money-saving tips for cooling, heating, lighting, and appliances.

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