Anguil Environmental Leadership Changing

At a celebration commemorating Anguil Environmental Systems Inc. 30th year in business, Gene Anguil announced that the company has begun the transition to the second generation.

Founder of an air pollution control and volatile organic compound abatement company, Anguil has been acting president since 1978. He will become chief executive officer and hand many of his current responsibilities over to the next generation, namely Chris and Deb Anguil.

Chris Anguil, the present vice president of Sales and Marketing, will be taking over as president of the organization. In this capacity he will be responsible for both revenue as well as profit.

Deb Anguil, the current vice president of Operations, will become chief operating officer. In this capacity, she will maintain her present responsibility of meeting customer expectations while focusing on product improvement and overall efficiency within the company.

Anguil Environmental Systems, a family owned and operated company, is located in Milwaukee, Wis.

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