National Automation Services Partners with Siemens

National Automation Services, Inc. (NAS) on Oct. 14 announced that it has entered into an agreement with a worldwide manufacturer, Siemens.

The agreement will solidify and bring Siemens Distribution network to Nevada, Arizona, and California and will use National Automation Services as a sole source provider for its clientele.

Designed to bring complete packaged solutions for, but not limited to, the municipal water and wastewater industry, the distribution network will rely on NAS' talents and services to integrate automation products provided by Siemens, which are extensive, into these projects throughout the region.

Siemens has already been working closely with NAS on strategies to improve the delivery of its products into key target accounts, one of which was for a large energy group in Southern California where NAS refined and implemented automation strategies for the client that provided a higher level of automation while saving the group thousands in installation costs.

The project award amount to NAS is approximately $1.6 million.

Bob Chance, NAS chief executive officer, stated: "We are excited about the opportunities working closely with Siemens brings to NAS, although we still will work with competitors of Siemens for which we have close relationships, this partnership to provide turnkey packaged solutions to industry is unprecedented and creates a unified approach to the market. NAS has extensive experience in the water/wastewater industry which complements the full spectrum offering that Siemens brings in field instruments and controls."

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