WEFTEC.08 Product Preview

CIPP Liner
Reline AmericaSM introduces the most popular cured-in-place pipe liner in Europe to the U.S. market from its state-of-the-art Virginia-based manufacturing facility. Its Blue-Tek™ Cured in Place Pipe System includes the patented spirally-wound, fiberglass reinforced, ultra-violet-cured liner and the Quality Tracker™ System that documents every foot of the curing process. This system represents more than 10 million feet installed in 27 countries worldwide.

Reline America
WEFTEC.08 Booth 16047

Biosolids Treatment
Eisenmann is introducing the Pyrobustor® system for the thermal treatment of biosolids from municipal water and wastewater treatment plants. The system is a two-stage process, using pyrolysis in a proprietary rotary drum followed by a post combustion system. Biosolids, sludge, and other organic waste is pyrolytically transformed into an energy-rich gas. The residual non-volatile ash encapsulates minerals and metals, if present, into a stable inert form that permits disposal in landfills as a non-hazardous material. Depending on local market needs, the ash can be used as filler for road construction, concrete products, or similar applications.

WEFTEC.08 Booth 24198

Sand Monitor
Whitewater Well, part of the Whitewater Technology Group, introduces the first-of-its-kind portable and automatic, inline standalone monitor for measuring sand and other particulate concentrations in water lines. Designed for continuous operation without the need for routine cleaning or maintenance, the device provides exceptionally reliable, real-time sand concentration data in the field. The company’s products increase dependability of well operations, reduce well maintenance costs, and prevent well contamination. The company’s two main products are the DripMaster and the SandMaster.

Whitewater Technology Group
WEFTEC.08, Booth 18053

Toray Membrane USA offers expertise across the entire spectrum of high performance water treatment membranes, including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and membrane bioreactors. The company focuses on manufacturing and distribution in North America and South America.

Toray Membrane USA
WEFTEC.08 Booth 12041

Attached Growth Process
BioShaft Water Technology Inc. will unveil the next generation of the BioShaft system. The new modules not only simplify plant expansion with minimal construction required, but also further reduce the system's already minimized footprint. The disc clarifier will enhance the clarification process within the Turbo Reactor and improve the overall water quality and capacity while further helping reduce the footprint of the plant as well.

BioShaft Water Technology Inc.
WEFTEC.08 Booth 16059

Submerged Membranes
Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. will showcase its 1,500-square-meter PURON™ module for membrane bioreactor applications. The improved submerged membrane module features greater packing density, lower energy costs for aeration, and simplified installation, while providing even greater compatibility with other commercially available systems. The modules can be ordered in configurations with 1,500-, 500-, or 250-square-meters of membrane area. Features such as an optimized permeate extraction manifold and air supply lines reduce the number of piping connections during installation. For additional flexibility, the product line enables users to easily retrofit the technology into systems with comparably sized modules.

Koch Membrane Systems
WEFTEC.08 Booth 26084

Fiberglass Basins
Topp Industries will display new 96-inch and 120-inch Fiberglass Sump and Sewage Basins at WEFTEC ‘08. These basins are the largest inside diameters the company has ever offered. All fiberglass basins are manufactured to ASTM D3753 and the entire line of basins offers inside diameters ranging from 18 inches to 120 inches, with other diameters available upon request. Topp offers these new basins in varying heights to meet specific applications and one-piece tanks are available as deep as 35 feet.

Topp Industries
WEFTEC.08 Booth 32017

Gas Detection System
Sierra Monitor Corp. will display monitoring systems for combustible gases, oxygen deficiency, and toxic gases. Combustible gases build up in wet wells and digesters, lack of oxygen in enclosed spaces are dangerous to personnel, and various toxic gases including carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine are present in various locations. The company will showcase the new IT Series network-enabled gas detectors, the most comprehensive gas detectors available, featuring user-friendly digital display, 4-20 mA output, RS-485 Modbus output, integral relays, SentryBus output and extensive self-diagnostics for reliable accurate monitoring. The IT Series meets the user needs in integrated gas monitoring with plant-wide safety monitoring. The 4501 Series 2-wire gas detectors provide low-cost installation with feature-rich capability, including digital display, self-diagnostics and 4-20 mA output.

Sierra Monitor Corp.
WEFTEC.08 Booth 26216

Aeration Control
Dresser Roots of Houston, Texas, has introduced a complete line of aeration controls and control systems, designed to maximize efficiency of blowers and compressors in wastewater operations. The IntelliView™ system can be purchased as a part of a Roots aeration blower system or integrated into new aeration systems using any manufacturers’ blowers to provide improved efficiency and reliability. In addition, owners of existing or older systems can retrofit the system to optimize their system’s performance. Positive displacement blowers may be controlled with variable speed drives. Multi-stage centrifugal blowers may be variable speed or inlet throttled. Single-stage centrifugal control options include variable speed, inlet guide vanes, and variable discharge diffuser vanes. All IntelliView™ blower controllers include equipment health monitoring and safety shutdown as well as process control options.

Dresser Roots
WEFTEC.08 Booth 14023

Flow Switch
Fluid Components International will display the NuTec™ FS2000H Flow Switch at WEFTEC.08. The new flow switch provides precise, rapid control. It is ideal for applications in water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, power/energy, chemical processing, mining/milling, pulp/paper, and more. The flow switch reliably monitors the flow of water-based liquids, slurries, lubricants, coolants, highly viscous or adhesive materials, as well as air and gas streams. The FS2000H has a flat-face no-moving parts sensor design, which is installed flush to the inside of the pipe inner diameter. It supports raw liquid materials delivery, mixing, and transfer as well as adhesive or chemical injection, machinery lubrication or cooling automation, hi/low/no flow alarming or shut-downs, relief valve flow detection, seal leak detection, safe pump shut-down, and more.

Fluid Components International
WEFTEC.08 Booth 35147

Chemical Feed Station
Assmann Corporation’s Chemical Feed Station family will be exhibited at WEFTEC ‘08. The compact feed stations with overflow basins includes 175-, 200-, and 250-gallon capacities to store small amounts of liquids and other chemicals, without the handling and disposal costs of steel drums. Constructed from high density crosslink or corrosion-resistant FDA compliant linear polyethylene, the feed stations are lightweight, strong, and easy to handle. The feed stations feature easy-to-read volume markers and a pump shelf that supports most pumps and metering devices. Optional fiberglass shelves are available for pump and metering devices totaling 25 pounds or more.

Assman Corp.
WEFTEC.08 Booth 27183

Rain for Rent will present its electric and diesel DV100c Power Prime™ pumps at WEFTEC. The company specializes in bypass pumping, dewatering, filtration systems, and any other emergency or planned project.

Rain for Rent
WEFTEC.08 Booths 33067-33071

Pressure Systems is developing level measurement products that are poised for future industry developments while meeting current customer demands. As transducers become more intelligent in terms of data transfer, measurement accuracy, and working with other system components, the company’s line of waterMONITOR transducers has evolved to include wireless compatibility and an interface with a rugged (MIL-STD-810F) PDA for easier, onsite data collection while providing improved precise measurements. The series is RoHS compliant.

Pressure Systems
WEFTEC.08 Booth 23127

Pipe Products
CertainTeed Corporation will be displaying a variety of innovative restrained-joint polyvinyl chloride pipe products available for trenchless construction, gravity sewer, and force-main applications, including the CertaFlo GreenLine and Certa-Lok Yelomine pipes.

CertainTeed Corp.
WEFTEC.08 Booth 26199

Wireless Remote Monitoring
Sensaphone will feature its first remote monitoring system fully equipped with wireless sensing capabilities during WEFTEC.08. The Sensaphone 2800 offers water and wastewater facility operators the ideal solution for remote monitoring challenges without the hassles of wiring. It monitors operating conditions such as temperature, power supply, alarms, excess humidity, water on the floor, and intrusion. The stand-alone remote monitor and alarm notification system has four wireless and eight total external inputs. It helps protect equipment and facilities by alerting owners, facility managers, building supervisors, and others to changes in critical environmental conditions. The wireless sensors have a range of up to 300 feet, and an added repeater can extend the distance up to one mile.

WEFTEC.08 Booth 27037

Power Products
Schneider Electric Water Wastewater Competency Center experts will be at WEFTEC.08 to talk about new solutions and trends in the wastewater industry including energy efficiency, safety, and reliability. The company will showcase new products as well, including the new TeSys T motor management system, Citect SCADA software, Modicon Quantum PLC with hot standby capability, and Accusine power metering product.

Schneider Electric
WEFTEC.08 Booth 16039

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