EPA Aid to Stem CSOs in Ottumwa, Iowa

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $382,000 to the city of Ottumwa, Iowa, for ongoing construction of a multi-phased combined sewer separation project, according to a Sept. 26 press release.

??The purpose of the overall project is to eliminate combined sewer overflows on the south side of the Des Moines River in Ottumwa, Iowa, by 2013. Once completed, the project will reduce overflows, and subsequently, basement backups. This area recorded more than 500 basement backups in a recent 10-year period.

??Sewer separation will reduce the amount of phosphorus entering the Ottumwa Lagoon, which has been identified as impaired by algae, turbidity, and chlordane. Phosphorous can cause excessive algae growth, which can impair water quality.

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