ASCE Transfers Security Role to SAME

In an effort to support their parallel missions to improve the nation's homeland security and disaster preparedness, the role of Secretariat for The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) -- a public-private partnership dedicated to improving the nation's critical infrastructure resilience -- has been transferred from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME).

"Working with ASCE during the past seven years has allowed TISP to be incredibly successful in tackling many important issues, and we sincerely thank ASCE for its efforts," said TISP chair Ed Hecker. "Moving forward, I believe that the synergy between our mission and SAME's will help further strengthen both of our organizations, and I am confident that this strategic decision will be beneficial for all those that bear the responsibility of safeguarding our nation and rebuilding in the face of adversity."

As Secretariat, SAME will provide logistical support to the organization; however, TISP will retain its own identity, branding, and mission.

"Having SAME serve as TISP Secretariat is a good fit for both organizations and we are looking forward to a smooth transition," said Robert D. Wolff, Ph.D., SAME executive director

"SAME's membership consists of more than 20,000 individuals working in the uniformed services and the public and private sectors as engineers and related professionals," Wolff noted. "SAME's active Readiness and Homeland Security Committee, comprising leaders within the field who are focused on readiness, homeland security, and infrastructure issues, will surely be an asset to TISP."

The SAME 2006-2011 Strategic Plan features National Security and Emergency Response as a main goal. Specifically, the goal charges SAME to, "Support national security engineering and emergency response-related priorities and programs, domestically and internationally, including preparedness and response to natural and man-made disasters."

Part of moving TISP forward will include initiating a series of quarterly forums addressing issues related to the nation's infrastructure and featuring panel discussions with a wide variety of leaders.

The first event, Forum on the Security of Water and Wastewater Critical Infrastructure, will take place at the Army and Navy Club in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 29. The forum is designed to create networking opportunities for TISP members who are interested in issues facing the water infrastructure sector. Sponsored by TISP, and held in support of the Department of Homeland Security National Infrastructure Protection Plan and the Water Sector of the Critical Infrastructure Advisory Panel, the forum will provide a panel of subject-matter and policy experts who will engage in a discussion on water-sector security issues among and between federal, state, and local agencies, water and wastewater service providers, and the private sector. Panelists from the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Homeland Security and its Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council, the American Water Works Association, and the U.S. Public Health Service have been invited to speak.

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