Sept. 18 Starts Month of Monitoring Water

Sept. 18 kicks off the fifth annual World Water Monitoring Day, a month-long international effort aimed to increase public awareness and involvement in water monitoring and protecting water resources around the world.

The event engages people of all ages in monitoring the condition of local rivers, streams, estuaries, and other waterbodies. Conducting simple monitoring tests teaches participants about some of the most common indicators of water health and encourages further participation in more formal citizen monitoring efforts.

Hains Point Park in Washington, D.C. will be the site of a national celebration in the United States. This year's program features a special hand washing campaign to recognize the United Nations' International Year of Sanitation. The event is coordinated by the Water Environment Federation and the International Water Association, with partners, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Geological Survey, and many more.

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