Coalition Launches Energy Advocacy Campaign

The Smart Energy Policy Coalition, comprised of the nation's leading financial trade associations, on Sept. 9 launched a new advocacy campaign aimed at refocusing the nation's energy debate on "real solutions for real problems."

The campaign, anchored by a new Web site,, and print advertising in District of Columbia-based publications, calls on Congress to reject proposals sold as "quick fixes" that would actually impede energy markets. Rather than impose overly restrictive rules that could have unintended consequences, global markets will respond more favorably to a comprehensive solution that addresses the root causes of high energy prices.

"The high cost of energy is affecting all Americans, but enacting proposals that would impede the energy markets is not the solution," said Scott DeFife, a coalition representative. "The overwhelming majority of economic experts agree that market, monetary, and supply-demand fundamentals determine global energy prices. Congress should address these root causes, because without doing so, America will continue to face a serious energy crisis for decades to come."

The first ad of the campaign, entitled "20 reasons" highlights the top 20 reasons experts believe energy prices are high, including stagnant supply, increasing global demand, the relatively weak U.S. dollar and an under-investment in alternative energies. The coalition Web site also includes information about the energy markets – how they work and the important role they have in providing liquidity and stability to the U.S. economy.

Members of the Smart Energy Policy Coalition include Futures Industry Association, Financial Services Forum, Financial Services Roundtable, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, and the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.

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