WEF Names 2008 Excellence Award Recipients

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) once again recognizes excellence and achievement in the water environment profession. This year's recipients will receive their awards during ceremonies at WEFTEC®.08, the annual technical exhibition and conference, which will be held Oct. 18-22 in Chicago, Ill.

The awards and their recipients are Camp Applied Research Medal, Orris E. Albertson; Collection Systems Award, George LeRoy Martin; Eddy Wastewater Principles and Processes Medal, Craig D. Adams, Glen T. Daigger, and Holley Kaempfer Steller; Emerson Distinguished Service Medal, Billy G. Turner;

Engelbrecht International Achievement Award, Daniel A. Nolasco; Fair Distinguished Engineering Educator Medal, James H. Johnson, Jr., Ph.D., and Daniel H. Zitomer, Ph.D.; Gascoigne Medal for WWTP Operational Improvement, Thomas Asmus, Michael Gerbitz, Larry Reinke, Kenneth Sedmak, and Timothy Stockman; Industrial Water Quality Achievement Award, U.S. Dept. of Energy/Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies;

Innovative Technology Awards – Four Categories: ADS Environmental Services -- ADS Spider (Collection Systems), Accusonic Technologies -- Accusonic 7510+ (Instrumentation), AquaAerobic Systems, Inc. -- AquaDiamond® Filter (Process Equipment), and Penn Valley Pump Company -- Double Disc Pump (Solids Handling/Disposal);

McKee Groundwater Protection, Restoration, Sustainable Use Medal, Johanshir Golchin, Bruce H. Kjartanson, Say Kee Ong, Shane W. Rogers, and Greg A. Stenback; Member Association Achievement Award, Michigan Water Environment Association and Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association; Member Association Safety Award, New England Water Environment Association; Outstanding Member Association Award, North Carolina Water Environment Association;

Outstanding Young Water Environment Professional Award, Charles Bott; Public Education Award – Three Categories: Isabel S. Tourkantonis (Individual), Florida Water Environment Association – Public Outreach and Communication Committee (Member Association), and Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County – Clearwater Program (Other);

Public Officials Award, The Honorable Thomas M. Menino (mayor, Boston, Mass.) and Terrence J. O'Brien (president, Board of Commissioners, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago); Rudolfs Industrial Waste Management Medal Jennifer L. Dauphinais, Ines D. Henriques, Richard T. Kelly II, and Nancy G. Love; and WEF Graduate Studies Scholarship, Jason J. Flowers, P.E.

For more information, visit www.wef.org.

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