Enviance a Founding Reporter of The Climate Registry

Enviance, a provider of Internet-based systems for the management and automation of environmental, health and safety compliance activities and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management, has become a Founding Reporter of The Climate Registry.

The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization established to support organizations throughout North America in measuring and publicly reporting GHG emissions in an accurate and transparent manner consistent across industry sectors. Thirty-nine U.S. states, nine Canadian provinces, six Mexican states, three native sovereign nations, and the District of Columbia are founding members of the organization.

"Enviance has demonstrated exemplary environmental leadership by courageously stepping forward to support The Climate Registry in its preliminary stages. We are deeply grateful for their integral support in helping to address the challenge of climate change," said Gina McCarthy, chair of The Climate Registry.

The company has voluntarily committed to measure, independently verify, and publicly report its GHG emissions on an annual basis using The Climate Registry General Reporting Protocol. The protocol is based on the internationally recognized GHG measurement standards of the World Resources Institute and World Business Council on Sustainable Development.

"The Climate Registry is a leader in driving critically important greenhouse gas reporting throughout the U.S. and across our borders, and we are extremely proud to be a Founding Reporter," stated Lawrence Goldenhersh, president and chief executive officer of Enviance. "To reach the next level, all reporting organizations must assemble accurate, auditable, and standardized data to provide real visibility into the scope and size of the greenhouse gas challenge – and the Internet is the only platform that can provide the speed and scale for the reporting required. Enviance is proud to have achieved two 'firsts' in Internet-based greenhouse gas reporting with the 2006 deployment of the Enviance System to track and report greenhouse gas emissions for American Electric Power, one of nation's largest generators of electricity, and with our June 2008 implementation to produce the first Carbon 'Bootprint' at the U.S. Department of Defense."

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