Vetrazzo Wins Association's 'Closing the Loop' Award

The California Resource Recovery Association recently named Vetrazzo, makers of the original recycled glass countertop surface, winner of its annual "Outstanding Closing the Loop Commitment" award, according to an Aug. 6 press release.

The award is given to a business, government agency, or organization that has implemented an innovative program or created a product that reduces waste or has a high recycled content.

Vetrazzo uses 100-percent recycled glass to manufacture a surfacing material that is a sustainable alternative to granite and other quarried stone. The company expects to recycle 1,600 tons of waste glass from sources as diverse as California Refund Value glass bottles, building demolition, and misshaped or rejected bottles and jars from manufacturers. The company's surfacing material, called Vetrazzo, comes in a wide array of designs and colors allowing a green countertop choice that doesn't sacrifice style to be eco-conscious.

"A single panel can use up to 1,000 bottles," remarked James Sheppard, company president. "We like to say there is a 'Story in Every Surface' and to help tell that story we provide a 'Certificate of Transformation' with each panel so the owner will know the source of the glass in their countertop."

"Thanks to the creative and progressive efforts of companies like Vetrazzo-- to take materials that were once considered a waste product and turn them into a remarkably beautiful and durable home improvement product-- we are able to work toward a goal of Zero Waste," said Julie Muir, association president.

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