Calif. Inventor Claims to Have Water Solution

Tom Murphy, inventor, entrepreneur and clean water enthusiast, claims to have the answer to the world's water worries and has debuted his refined technology to the California beachside community of Los Osos, Calif. According to an Aug. 6 press release, Los Osos has been battling (and losing the fight) against wastewater and pollution for decades.

With 36 years experience in the wastewater management industry; Murphy has been a wastewater consultant for Wal-Mart, Costco, KFC, and other large corporations, holds nine U.S. patents, and more than 30 international patents to date. He also invented The Reclamator™, which Murphy says converts raw sewage into bonafide drinking water.

In Los Osos, residents are frightened to take action against the perceived jurisdiction of the Regional Water Quality Control Board, which has already assessed 5,000 homes in what it calls the "prohibition zone," for polluting the aquifer. According to the press release, residents will have to pay upwards of $100,000 for construction of a proposed sewer system.

Murphy claims that he can provide the technology through a service and that it is the best available option for both waste management and water conservation. He says the technology is federally compliant and county approved.

Upon subscribing to the service, residents are completely isolated and indemnified from all exposure to any liabilities associated with the water board and county. Neither entity will be able to force hookup to a community sewer, levy fines on a homeowner for discharge, and/or assess a homeowner's property to pay for a community sewer, all due to the private utility easement that is deeded to Murphy's company, AES -- making it responsible.

"Think of the Reclamator™ Service as the electric company, gas company, or any other utility," Murphy explained. "The homeowner is not responsible for what happens in their easement, hence the purpose for the easement."

In comparison with the costs for the new sewer project in Los Osos, Murphy's technology/service costs about $20,000, according to the press release.

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