Biofuels Co. Selects Hydrocavitation Technology for Plant

International Coastal Biofuels, Inc. of Tazewell, Va., a manufacturer of biodiesel renewable fuel, has selected Cavitation Technologies, Inc. as the provider for equipment, technology, and services for its first production plant in Wilmington, N.C. The plant will include Plasma 9000 nano reactors from Cavitation Technologies, Inc. The technology uses hydrocavitation, limiting the amount of greenhouse emissions by trapping methane gas that is normally emitted by the feedstock.

"The beauty of this project is that a multitude of feedstock can be used to create the biofuel," stated Jim Cooper, chief executive officer of International Coastal Biofuels, Inc. "Any combination can be used so that if there is a food shortage and soy is needed, other feedstock can be mixed to create the biofuel."

International Coastal Biofuels, Inc. has long-term contracts for feedstock including soy, palm oil, and Jathropa oil. Such contracts were put in place to guarantee that no interruptions due to shortage of raw materials will occur once the plant goes into production mode.

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