Ocean Action Plan Needs Serious Support, Group Says

"If given the support it deserves, the West Coast Governors Action Plan can start a needed sea change in state and national policy to address an ocean in crisis," said Vikki Spruill, president of Ocean Conservancy in a July 29 press release.

In late July, governors of Washington, Oregon, and California and the federal government agreed to secure the health of the Pacific Ocean and assess how climate change is affecting the ocean and coastal communities.

"We applaud the efforts of our three west coast governors to oppose new offshore drilling as a core element of this Action Plan, " said Denny Kelso, executive vice president for Conservation Programs at the Ocean Conservancy. "Ocean ecosystems are already under tremendous pressure and subjecting them to more stress is not only dangerous but shortsighted. Rather than subjecting our ocean to the threat of new offshore oil drilling, we should invest in restoring the health, diversity, and productivity of this life support system."

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