Proven Energy Sets Up Wind Turbine Base in U.S.

The United Kingdom's most robust small wind turbines are making a serious push into the North American market. Proven Energy Ltd. has an established network of staff, distributors, dealers, and installers to provide renewable energy solutions for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities throughout North America.

"The market potential for small wind in North America is massive. People are really tuning into issues of energy independence and putting an end to global warming. This is why we are investing heavily in developing growth here," says Andrew McMullan, chief executive officer.

The company, a Scottish manufacturer, leads the way with 70 percent of the small wind market in the United Kingdom. Proven Energy wind turbines are electrical generation systems and can be configured for grid connection or use with batteries as dictated by individual clients.

All Proven Energy wind turbines are rated to an industry leading 156 mph. However, they have been recorded to operate at rated power in up to 199 mph gusts.

According to the American Wind Energy Association, 6,807 small wind turbines were sold in the United States during 2006 for a total of over $56 million in sales. Even without a federal-level incentive to assist consumers purchase small wind systems, the U.S. market continues to grow an estimated 14 to 25 percent annually.