Egg Production Company Expands Iowa Wastewater Treatment

Golden Oval Eggs plans to expand the wastewater treatment system at its Thompson, Iowa egg production and processing site, according to a recent press release. The estimated $2.5-million construction project, including lagoon modifications, is projected to be in full operation in April 2009.

Since it began planning in 1999 for the $85-million Iowa complex, the company has worked with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to build and maintain a facility designed for environmental stewardship. Through start-up and other engineering challenges during rapid growth, the DNR officials helped monitor and guide the company. In the past year, Golden Oval Eggs has invested more than half a million dollars to protect the local environment, each step approved by the DNR.

"The current construction plan for a greatly enhanced wastewater system took nearly two years to complete and meets all Iowa current standards," said Dana Persson, president and chief executive officer. "Our engineers presented different approaches to resolve issues primarily in our influent process in the aerated lagoons and the Department of Natural Resources helped finalize these plans."

Established in 1994, Golden Oval Eggs, LLC is an egg production and processing company based in Renville, Minn.

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