Australia Looks into Aquaponics

Aquaponics is fish farming and vegetable growing, in which vegetable crops take up fish wastes, and freshened water returns to the fish tank. City spaces are considered ideal for aquaponics, especially rooftops and walls.

Lectures on these topics are planned in conjunction with the Skrettings Australasian Aquaculture International Conference and Trade Show in Brisbane, Queensland.

Speakers will be aquaponics specialists Wilson Lennard, Ph.D., Mike Nichols, Ph.D., Nick Savidov, Ph.D., Rebecca Nelson, and Geoff Wilson. The five speakers have wide experience in practical aquaponics and hydroponics in Australia, New Zealand , Canada, and the United States.

The aim is to encourage aquaponics (fish farming and vegetable farming) on school rooftops, where equipment can be more safely held.

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