Solar Project Benefits Community College, Power Company

Glendale Water & Power, Glendale Community College, and Chevron Energy Solutions unveiled the largest solar electric project in Glendale, Calif., which will help Glendale Water & Power meet its renewable energy target and provide shaded parking at the college campus.

The project is comprised of 872 solar panels with a rated output of approximately 262 kilowatt capacity and is expected to generate 400 megawatt hours of renewable energy each year, enough to power 125 homes. The solar system produces peak electricity during the daytime, when the college experiences the highest demand for power, and serves 10 percent of the campus' energy needs.

"The college is excited about the project and is thrilled with the partnership between GCC GWP and Chevron. This has been a wonderful venture and one that is much needed as we struggle to streamline our utility costs," stated Audrey Levy, Ph.D., GCC superintendent/president.

Glendale Water & Power will own and operate the system and sell the emission-free solar energy back to the college at the same price as conventional power. The utility is committed to increasing its supply of clean, renewable power and has a goal of providing 20 percent of its power from cost-effective renewable resources by 2017.

"We have made long-term investments in wind and geothermal generation resources and are committed to renewable resource development," said Glenn Steiger, general manager of Glendale Water & Power. "This project exemplifies a great collaborative effort."

Chevron Energy Solutions, a unit of Chevron Corporation, developed the project and designed and constructed the parking canopy mounted with solar photovoltaic arrays. The company has developed more than 900 projects involving energy efficiency or renewable power for education, government, and business customers in the United States since 2000.

"This project is an example of how educational institutions can reduce their carbon footprint through clean, renewable power projects while paying no more for solar power than for conventional power," said John Mahoney, chief operating officer for Chevron Energy Solutions. "We are delighted to be part of this collaboration."

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