MACTEC Wins Drought Response Water Auditing Contract

The North Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DENR) has retained MACTEC Engineering and Consulting to support municipalities statewide in analyzing and making recommendations for repairing potable water distribution systems to minimize water losses during a prolonged drought affecting the southeastern United States, according to a July 15 press release.

MACTEC Vice President and Research Triangle Park Office Manager Greg M. Pagett, P.E., said the project will help communities identify and characterize water losses and persistent leaks so they're either minimized or eliminated.

"We'll be following American Water Works Association protocols during the water audits to determine the extent of losses through existing treatment and distribution systems," said Pagett. "MACTEC will then utilize a variety of test methods to locate the losses and develop recommendations to repair or replace lines or components causing the leaks."

MACTEC is one of five companies retained by DENR.

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