DOE, Volvo Match Money for Fuel-efficient Trucks

The U.S. Department of Energy and the Volvo Group are expanding cooperation to develop more fuel-efficient trucks, according to a recent press release.

DOE will provide an additional $9 million over three years, which will be matched by $9 million in Swedish government funds and $18 million from Volvo Group. When added with the existing $12 million commitment from the United States, Sweden, and the Volvo Group, the overall value of the cooperation will be $48 million.

"Our continued cooperation with the Swedish government and Volvo Group and Mack Trucks, Inc. will yield cleaner, greener trucks," said DOE Assistant Secretary Alexander Karsner. "The clean-vehicle technology developed under this international public-private partnership will further the Bush Administration's goals of ending our addiction to oil and confronting the serious challenge of global climate change."

The cooperative partnership's overall objective is to demonstrate heavy-duty engine systems with at least 10 percent higher fuel efficiency than conventional diesel engines. The cooperative program will:

• Test and analyze the impact of different biofuels on diesel engines;

• Develop a new 'narrow-band' engine and advanced transmission system to minimize the detrimental affects of transient operation on fuel economy and emissions; and

• Develop hybrid vehicle technology for heavy-duty engines and coupled with waste heat recovery to maximize efficiency.

"The Volvo Group is a major player in the North American truck market with key facilities for research, development, and manufacturing on U.S. soil," said Leif Johansson, chief executive officer of the Volvo Group. "The climate issue and increasing fuel prices make energy use and energy efficiency some of the most important societal issues of our time. The transportation industry has a special responsibility and this research and development cooperation with the U.S. government is crucial in our efforts to develop the drive trains and technology required by both our customers and society as a whole."

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