FEMA Calls on EPA for Flood-area HazMat Recovery

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has enlisted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to coordinate hazardous material and oil-related response in flooded areas throughout Iowa, according to a June 17 press release.

EPA anticipates its activities will include:

• Retrieval of orphaned hazardous containers and drums, such as fuel and propane tanks;

• Response to chemical and oil releases;

• Collection and disposal of flood-damaged household hazardous waste, and

• Air/water monitoring and sampling.

EPA teams have been deployed in several locations across Iowa. The teams are working closely with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and other state and local officials as part of the coordinated flood response. An EPA on-scene coordinator also is serving as the agency's liaison at the Emergency Operations Center in Des Moines.

To report orphaned hazardous containers or chemical/oil releases, citizens should call the EPA Region 7 24-hour Response Line at (913) 281-0991.

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