EPA to Stem Emissions from New Cement Plants

EPA is proposing to reduce air emissions from certain Portland cement plants. The proposed amendments would require affected new, modified, or reconstructed process units to meet emissions limits for particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide. EPA also is proposing improved monitoring and testing requirements for existing sources, which should result in lower levels of emissions.

Over the next five years, EPA estimates the proposed standards to reduce the combined emissions of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 42,000 tons per year. The agency will accept comments for 60 days after the notice is published in the Federal Register.

EPA announced that it is developing a dynamic economic model for the cement industry. This model can analyze emission reduction strategies for multiple pollutants while taking into account plant-level economic and technical factors. The agency also seeks comments on this model.

For more information, visit www.epa.gov/ttn/oarpg/t3fs.html.

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