Canadian Cities Embrace Earth Day Canada

On the cusp of another week celebrating the environment (Canadian Environment Week, June 1-7), cities and towns are partnering with Earth Day Canada's EcoAction Teams program to implement a year-round program of conservation actions.

Ontario's Waterloo and Town of Blue Mountains, New Brunswick's Moncton, and Alberta's Grand Prairie and Sylvan Lake have all signed agreements with Earth Day Canada to use EcoAction Teams to engage citizens in simple lifestyle changes. More than 25 cities and towns across Canada are expected to implement the program by the end of the year.

The Earth Day Canada's EcoAction Teams program guides and measures beneficial behavior change.

"Most conservation programs tell you the size of your current carbon footprint but don't give you practical information to guide you on the journey to reduce that footprint," stated Jed Goldberg, president of Earth Day Canada.

"They're the equivalent of a bathroom scale. You step on and they tell you how much you weigh but don't give you the support to lose the weight. Our program does."

Earth Day Canada's EcoAction Teams program is anchored by an online conservation calculator that is loaded with simple, easy to understand tips that walk a user through the steps to reduce energy and water use, waste, fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.

"I am pleased to announce the Town's partnership with Earth Day Canada and the EcoAction Teams program", stated Ellen Anderson, mayor of Town of The Blue Mountains. "This environmental impact calculator will help our community obtain a better understanding and awareness of the impacts our daily activities and lifestyle choices have on air quality, global climate stability, natural resource use, and energy consumption. As a result of improved understanding, better environmental and financial choices will be made which will result in another step towards creating a sustainable community here in Town of The Blue Mountains."

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