Seattle Encourages Residents to Give Cars a Rest

Seattle, Wash., Mayor Greg Nickels recently announced a public campaign encouraging residents to drive their cars 1,000 miles less a year and combat global warming by walking, biking, car pooling, and taking transit.

"Give Your Car the Summer Off" enlists the support of the Seattle Art Museum, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Aquarium, local businesses, and others to offer discounts for people who pledge not to drive alone. People giving up their cars for a month or a year will also receive special incentives.

"Seattleites are aware of the perils of climate pollution, and they want to do their part," said Nickels. "While lots of people bike and bus to work, we also want to encourage folks to use carbon-friendly alternatives throughout the week and in their neighborhoods. No matter how you go, we're offering a number of programs to make it easy and rewarding to give your car the summer off."

Transportation accounts for nearly half of the greenhouse gas emissions in Seattle. To make a significant difference in the city's carbon footprint, residents are encouraged to reduce their personal driving by 1,000 miles annually – about 20 miles a week.  

To launch the campaign, Nickels unveiled billboards that feature 200 people and various transportation options. Recognizing the importance of fighting global warming, Clear Channel Outdoor donated nine billboards throughout the city to promote driving less.

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