Retailer Explains e-Book's Eco-friendliness, an electronic book retailer, says that research shows that e-books are on a par with reusable water bottles in terms of their ability to give consumers affordable, green buying alternatives.

According to a release from the company, paper manufacturing practices contribute significant amounts of pollutants to the air, land, and water. Many of the books read today were printed overseas, shipped to the United States and other countries by boat, trucked to distribution centers, and then trucked to the local bookstore. One hour of energy spent on a laptop computer equals the amount of energy expended to create just four sheets of paper, the release said. Because e-books bypass all of these processes, many of them are sold at 30 percent below retail, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers. is dedicated to making the affordable and environmentally sound choice of e-books a commonly known, eco-friendly alternative. Though the company does not advocate or encourage the end of the printed book, it is certain that consumers can easily and affordably incorporate e-books into their lives.

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