Alliance Campaigns for Smarter Driving

Drivers can find out exactly how many hundreds of dollars they can save on gasoline with their vehicles by taking six easy driving and maintenance actions on a new, interactive Drive $marter Challenge Web site and campaign launched by the Alliance to Save Energy, The Wal-Mart Foundation, and 16 other partners.

The Drive $marter Challenge campaign goal is to help consumers lower their gasoline costs and usage through fuel-efficiency driving and maintenance tips that add up to hundreds of dollars of savings. The Web site provides extensive money-saving gas tips in English and Spanish, helpful resources, and discount coupons for vehicle maintenance.

Drive $marter tips are cited when possible with specific dollar and/or percentage savings.

A Broadband Media Web siteā€”ā€”features downloadable video, audio, images, and other campaign elements including:

The campaign will utilize a number of communications tools and significant consumer outreach tactics that will be multiplied through participation of its18 partners.

Funding from The Wal-Mart Foundation has made possible the Alliance's first consumer campaign focused totally on transportation. The Foundation selected the Alliance from among seven nonprofits to conduct an enterprising national consumer transportation campaign.

The Alliance and The Wal-Mart Foundation have brought together 16 other diverse nonprofit, governmental, trade associations, and companies as campaign partners to dramatically expand the reach of the campaign. Many will be co-branding and distributing millions of English and Spanish tip cards. The National Association of Counties will be challenging counties to challenge each other to obtain the greatest number of sign-ups/actions.

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