California Campaign Hinges on 'Nice Saves'

The California Water Awareness Campaign has launched a new public education program to kick off Water Awareness Month in May using the slogan, Nice Save! The new theme focuses on the many ways Californians can use water wisely and personally congratulates consumers for their Nice Save!

Initial components of the program include print ads, transit ads and utility bill inserts which illustrate five ways to conserve water: using a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways and patios, using a hose shut-off nozzle, turning water off when brushing teeth, installing low-flow toilets, and kids doubling up in the tub.

Mike Wade, campaign president and executive director of the California Farm Water Coalition, says "Many consumers need to be reminded of the important steps they can take to conserve water at home and how everyone's effort to use water wisely can really add up to considerable savings," says Wade.

Last month, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger outlined a comprehensive plan for sustaining the Delta that called for a 20 percent per capita reduction in urban water use statewide by 2020. Public education programs increase awareness of California's water problems. Congratulating water conservation efforts directly involves the consumer in helping to solve our state's water problems.

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