SCADAgroup Acquires Adaptive Instruments

SCADAgroup Pty Ltd. of Newcastle, New South Wales announced April 16 further expansion of its product and service companies with the acquisition of Adaptive Instruments Corp. of Hudson Mass .With its wireless instrumentation products, Adaptive Instruments is a perfect catalyst for SCADAgroup's continued growth within the telemetry and process control markets.

"Adaptive Instruments enters our group with immediate synergies and a product line that will continue our drive to become the world's foremost supplier of telemetry and process control technologies," said Paul Chisholm, group managing director of SCADAgroup.

Having a wide range of wireless instrumentation products Adaptive Instruments has secured an impressive installed base in industries including oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and energy utilities.

"Our growth as a recognized leader in the supply of advanced instrumentation has led us directly to our entry into the SCADAgroup family of companies," said Paul Neilson chief technical officer and founder of Adaptive Instruments. "Through continued focus and the synergies of our world-class teams, our ability to continue introducing novel technologies such as the Accutech wireless instrumentation family now increases substantially".

In 2006, the group acquired Control Microsystems, a global leader of SCADA hardware and software solutions headquartered in Canada, and earlier this year, the group added Trio Datacom to the team, a global supplier of advanced data radio products developed in Australia.

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