Waxman: EPA's New Lead Rule Full of Holes

"The new lead rule cuts too many corners. It won’t provide the comprehensive protection for children that the law requires," said Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif).

"There are multiple loopholes in the EPA rule. It allows dangerous renovation practices to continue in homes occupied by women of child-bearing age, homes where children visit, and homes that will be sold to young families. It uses an outdated standard to identify dangerous levels of lead paint dust, contrary to the advice of its scientific advisory committee," he said, adding that the rule does not require any credible testing to determine whether toxic lead dust remains after a renovation job.

Waxman said that more than 300,000 children in the United States have elevated levels of lead in their bodies. "Exposure to this toxin is preventable, but EPA and other government agencies have failed to take the necessary action."

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