Xerox Calculator Said to Help Lower Impact, Costs

Xerox Corporation's Sustainability Calculator helps customers pinpoint opportunities to reduce their environmental impact while reducing costs. The new proprietary software tool measures the overall impact a company's document technologies have on the environment.

The Sustainability Calculator is the newest assessment tool available through Xerox Office Services. It evaluates the current office environment of printers, copiers, and multifunction devices and then measures environmental benefits that could be achieved in terms of energy and paper use, solid waste, water, air, and greenhouse gas emissions.

"This calculator cracks the code to help offices of any size really understand just how 'green' their offices are or could be," said John Kelly, president, Xerox Global Services North America. The Sustainability Calculator provides customers with actionable recommendations to help them achieve their 'green' objectives and in doing so realize cost-savings and efficiency gains that come with an optimized office environment, he added.

The Sustainability Calculator tracks document technology from Xerox and other companies.

For offices that want a quick assessment of their environmental footprint, a scaled-down version of the comprehensive calculator was launched on Xerox's Web site at Visitors get a sneak peek at how the calculator can effectively help their company, regardless of its size. The quick Web-based assessment provides how-to tips and advice on smart ways to make offices greener.

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