Ecosphere Testing Reveals Opportunity in Natural Gas Fields

Ecosphere Technologies Inc., a diversified clean technology and water engineering services company, has completed its testing and found that its mobile water filtration technology can be used for natural gas exploration in the Barnett Shale in Texas.

"After testing our Ecosphere Ozonix process on produced waters, drilling fluids, and frac flow back waters, we have determined that we have an immediate opportunity to supply our mobile water filtration equipment and services to recycle the frac flow back water that energy companies need to recycle in the exploration of natural gas," said Dennis McGuire, chief executive officer. "We are finding that the energy companies operating in the Barnett Shale are taking a pro-active role in recycling the waters they use."

McGuire also said that "approximately three million gallons of clean water are required to bring each gas well into production. In the first three weeks of the frac process, approximately 30 percent of the water used to frac the well comes back to the surface and is called 'frac flow back water.' This frac flow back water is high in salts as well as hydrocarbons and needs to be treated so it can be recycled for re-use. These frac waters are very similar to the oily, salty waters the company treated in the marine industry and the oily, salty waters treated in Waveland, Miss. after Hurricane Katrina. It's a great opportunity to apply the technology that we have proven in other applications."

Adrian Goldfarb, chief financial officer, said the company plans to build mobile water treatment units featuring the Ecosphere Ozonix process for sale or will provide a recycling service at a per barrel fee.

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