Nearly 200 Insituform Employees Take a Walk for Water

Almost 200 employees of Insituform Technologies, Inc. from 10 countries and 20 states supported the United Nation's World Water Day on March 22, 2008 by participating in "Walk for Water" activities.

From Europe and Asia and every corner of North America, signed up online to either actually walk in several cities across the United States or joined in a "virtual" walk. In the virtual walk, participants in actual walks carry employees’ names in symbolic water jugs during the event. The walks recognize the daily journey that women and children in many countries are forced to make to get water for their families.
"Insituform and our employees are focused not only on the 1.1 billion people – one-sixth of the world's population – who lack access to clean water, but also on the rapidly deteriorating infrastructure that delivers clean water to people fortunate enough to live in developed countries," said Al Woods, Insituform interim chief executive officer. He said that, while many people struggle to get the minimal amount of clean water necessary to live, others are facing the collapse of the system that delivers clean water to them as well as the sewer system that protects their water from contamination.

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