Wisconsin Senate Approves Great Lakes Compact

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle thanked the state Senate for approving the Great Lakes Compact on a strong 26-6 bipartisan vote and urged the Assembly to pass the compact, which is supported by municipalities and businesses across the state.

"After two years of work in Wisconsin, we are ready to pass this historic Great Lakes Compact that will protect our state's greatest natural resource," Doyle said. "I applaud the Senate and the broad coalition of those who support the compact. It is essential to pass the compact both to ensure that our water use is sustainable and that cities such as Waukesha can meet their needs."

The Wisconsin Paper Council and other businesses are endorsing the Great Lakes Compact, as are Waukesha and municipalities across the state. The compact has been signed into law in Minnesota, Indiana and Illinois.

News reports say, however that Wisconsin's Republican-led Assembly may try to amend the compact. Such action would require that the compact be sent back to states that have already approved the current version.

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