Pennsylvania Sets Up Infrastructure Task Force

Gov. Edward G. Rendell has established a high-level task force that will evaluate what Pennsylvania needs to do to maintain a sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure in light of continued cuts from the federal government.

"Our water and wastewater infrastructure is aging," said Rendell. "Pennsylvania is facing nearly $20 billion in unmet water-related infrastructure needs, and that doesn't even take into account ongoing capital costs and expenses associated with operations and maintenance responsibilities. We need to begin developing a comprehensive plan now that supports a sustainable network of systems to protect public health and ensure citizens and businesses don't lose out on the quality and dependable services they have come to expect."

A federal Clean Water Needs Survey found that Pennsylvania is facing nearly $11 billion in unmet drinking water infrastructure needs and at least $7.2 billion in unmet wastewater infrastructure needs.

The Sustainable Water Infrastructure Task Force will analyze issues related to cost-effective and sustainable investment in the state's water and sewer infrastructure.
The task force is to consider new funding options and non-structural alternatives to capital upgrades, such as nutrient credit trading, water reuse, and conservation. It is responsible for developing a report by Oct. 1 that provides recommendations and financing options to support water-related services in the governor's fiscal year 2009-10 budget proposal.

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