Free Carbon Business Calculator Available

TerraPass™ ( recently unveiled its Carbon Balanced Business Program, which is designed to help businesses balance out the carbon emissions created from their daily operations. This program gives businesses the opportunity to use an online calculator to determine their carbon footprints. Just as with the group's Road, Home and Flight calculators, the Carbon Balanced Business program offers free carbon calculator access with no registration required.

TerraPass, now headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., is the brainchild of Karl Ulrich, PhD., of the University of Pennsylvania. Along with 41 of his students, Ulrich launched the initial program in October, 2004 as a way to help everyday people reduce the climate impact of their driving.

The business calculator considers five aspects of a typical organization's carbon footprint: on-site energy use, off-site server energy use, company vehicles, business travel and employee commutes. The calculator guides business owners or employees through each of these areas, detailing what information is needed for the calculations and displaying each category's emissions in a bar chart.

This latest program is being launched with a group of businesses that represent a range of companies committed to the expansion of their sustainability practices. This group includes Expedia Inc., Architectural Area Lighting Co. and Butterfield & Robinson Inc.

The carbon calculator is designed to be flexible and easy to use. For example, if utility bill information is not accessible for the onsite energy usage category, TerraPass can make estimates based on average cost or even square footage of office space. Employee commute and business travel data is based on averages in selected travel modes for each employee.

All of TerraPass emissions calculations are based on the World Resources Institute (WRI) Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

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