Hawaii Governor Releases $2.6 M for Revolving Funds

Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle recently released $2,666,000 for two state revolving funds, including $995,000 for the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund and $1,671,000 for the Safe Drinking Water Revolving Fund.

These programs allow the state to qualify for federal grants and provide 20-year low-interest construction loans (primarily to counties) to finance wastewater treatment and drinking water infrastructure projects across the state. The funds were allocated under the federal Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act.

“By appropriating money to these revolving funds, we will be able to receive federal funds needed to move forward with critical projects that help keep wastewater treatment facilities safe and our drinking water clean,” said Gov. Lingle.

The Department of Health reviews project requests submitted to the funds and makes loan selections based on the funding need and project readiness. The $995,000 and $1,671,000 released by Lingle will be matched by federal allotments of $4,974,000 and $8,353,000, respectively.

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